OCSL can provide introductions for clients to certain banks and assist with the opening of personal or corporate bank accounts. In order to accommodate the banking needs of clients OCSL can also serve as a signatory on client accounts and be ready to carry out instructions as directed by clients. Security provisions can be established such that client instructions can be accepted via facsimile, e-mail, and telephone.

Application Procedures

The applicant must contact OCSL using the online request form or by using the contact information available on the contact page. OCSL will provide the information and forms necessary to complete the application. In order to better serve you and to avoid any possible delay in opening your account the following forms or requirements must be completed:

1. Application Form

a. Complete the application form to open an account, including the section for signatures. This section must capture the signatures of all the panties to the account, and must be notarized in the event the signatory(ies) is (are) not in Belize .

b. Certified Extract of Board of Directors Meeting if the applicant is a company.

c. Statement of Non Resident Status. (We can only do offshore banking business with non-residents of Belize .)

d. Indemnity for facsimile, E-Mail and Telex Instructions which includes a section to "Insert Code" in order to authenticate your instructions when received by any of these means. Please note that the use of code words is not mandatory but customers are encouraged to use them.

e. Complete the attached Anticipated Activity Form New Accounts.

2. References. A suitable Bank Reference must be submitted for each of the signatories to the account (personal and corporate accounts), beneficial owner(s) and director(s) of a company (corporate accounts). References from a recognized lawyer or accountant may be considered in substitution of bankers' reference. A bankers' reference will only be accepted from an acceptable financial institution and should be an institution with which the person has had a relationship for at least two (2) years. This should be stated in the reference.

3. Identification We require an identification, which must bear the customer's picture and signature. If the customer is not in Belize , the copy of the identification must be notarized. The following are acceptable: picture and signature page of a valid passport, or a valid driver's license.

4. Confirmation of Address Street and country addresses of the parties to the account are required.

5. Company Documents In the case of a company, in addition to the above, the following are required:

a. Certificate of Incorporation, and Articles and Memorandum of Association.

b. Certificate of Good Standing (if company has existed for 12 months or more).

c. Subscribers appointment of directors of the company. If the company is not registered in Belize the Certificate of Incorporation, and Articles and Memorandum of Association must be notarized, If these documents are not in English, we require suitably translated copies of these documents.

6. Deposits The minimum deposit required to open an account is US$1,000.00 or its equivalent. (Please note that we can only accept cash deposits up to a maximum of US$10,000.00 from any one customer during a calendar year) Deposits exceeding US$50,000.00 should be sent by wire transfer. A declaration of source of funds should be provided for any single deposit in excess of US$100,000.00 or any deposit, which does not match a client's normal course of business.


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