As part of its mission to provide complete services to clients, OCSL can arrange for either personal or corporate credit cards on their behalf. OCSL can also arrange to receive credit card statements and disburse payment on behalf of clients in order to accommodate their extensive travel plans or logistics.

Application Procedures

1. The applicant must contact OCSL using the online request form or by using the contact information available on the contact page. OCSL will provide the information and forms necessary to complete the application.

2. The account holder(s) must sign the application form including the "Security Agreement" section. This gives the bank the right to hold funds equivalent to 150 per cent of the approved credit limit in a special account. It also gives the bank the right to use this cash collateral deposit to offset any outstanding cardholder balance in the even of default.

3. Identification of owner of account - preferably passport with photo or driver's license with photo. The identification must carry the signature of the applicant - must be clear and notarized - and complete home and business address.

4. Reference from a bank, accountant or attorney is required. A bank reference should state the name of the account, the type of account, date account opened, average balances, how the account is being conducted and any relevant information that the bank deem necessary.

5. If a corporate credit card account is being requested, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (notarized, if the company is not certified in Belize ), Articles of Memorandum of Association, and Certificate of Good Standing.

6. To secure credit card accounts a deposit of 150 per cent of the credit limit is required. If checks in the sum of US$1,000.00 and more are forwarded to us, it will be placed on hold for fifteen business days before the funds can be made available. Money Order is acceptable, providing it is an international money order and not the ones negotiable only in the United States . Cash or telegraphic transfer is also acceptable. These transactions facilitate time consuming processing of your credit card.

7. Once the abovementioned requirements are completed, the processing of your credit card account will commence. Your credit card account will be debited US$27.50 to defray air courier charges. Upon completion of your application, it takes approximately six to eight business days for the receipt of your credit card. The documents containing your PIN number will be forwarded separately by regular mail, which normally takes two to four days.


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