As an additional effort to attract investment, the Government of Belize has also enacted laws to allow for the importation and operation of International Business Companies under the IBC Act of 1990.

It is recognized generally as the most modern and attractive piece of legislation of its kind in the Caribbean , and is tailor-made to meet the needs of the international investor.

The advantages offered by the Belize Act are as follows:

  • Total exemption from all forms of local taxation including stamp duty
  • Speedy and simple incorporation for fast reaction to instant planning needs
  • Only one subscriber and thereafter one shareholder (who could be corporate) is required
  • IBC's may have only one director. Directors can be corporate and need not be resident in the country
  • Meetings of shareholders and/or directors may be held in any country, at any time, and they may attend by proxy
  • Bearer shares may be issued. No accounts or information pertaining to the identity of shareholders or directors need be filed on public record
  • An IBC's register of shareholders is available for inspection only by shareholders or by order of the Belize courts at the request of a shareholder
  • Shares can be issued without par value
  • Minimum capital requirements
  • Limited filing requirements, mainly certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, registered office and name and address of registered agent
  • Wide range of applications
  • IBC's can be used for financial management, investment holding, ship or property ownership, share ownership of other companies, leasing of assets, copywriting and/or licensing as well as general commercial trading
  • No exchange control
  • Private label company availability
  • An IBC is not subject to mandatory auditing or minimum capital requirements
  • An IBC is not subject to Tax Treaties or Exchange of Information Agreements with any country
  • The officer and Directors of an IBC need not be shareholders
  • There are no citizenship or residence requirements for directors, officers or shareholders
  • There are no requirements to file any corporate reports with the Government regarding any offshore activities
  • The records of the corporation shall be maintained at the registered office
  • An IBC is not subject to currency restrictions of any type.

Application Procedures

1. Persons wishing to incorporate an IBC can do so by completing and submitting the online application form available on this website.

2. The applicant can choose between Standard and Non-standard provisions in the incorporation of an IBC.

i. The standard provisions include standard memorandum and articles, with an authorized share capital of US$50,000.00 with one class of shares of US$1.00 each, issued in registered or bearer form (unless other wise indicated).

ii. In the case of Non-standard provisions, the applicant will have to indicate:

a. The type of currency to be used (will be converted to US$ for fee assessment)

b. The share capital amount

c. The share classes (with a description of dividend policy, voting rights and repayment rights for each class)

d. Denomination of each class of shares

e. Information of any restrictions to be placed on the types of shares to be issued (Bearer or Registered).

3. The applicant must provide the names and particulars of the shareholder(s) of the company, including their addresses, occupations, nationalities, and the number of shares assigned to each.

4. The applicant must provide the names and particulars of the director(s) of the company, including their addresses, occupations and nationalities.

5. The application fees are assessed based on the incorporating provisions and requirements determined by the applicant. Processing of applications will be done upon receipt of the appropriate fees from the applicant. Payment can be made through our secure online payment facility or by sending a money order to the following address: Oxley Corporate Services Ltd. 5756 Princess Margaret Drive Belize City , Belize Central America

6. The applicant must provide a contact person and forwarding address for correspondences.


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